! Third Party SIP Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) . , CUCM Cisco IP Communicator.

 Cisco IP Communicator

Cisco IP Communicator , , IP- Cisco

Cisco Unified CM Administration Device - Phone Add New. Phone Type Cisco IP Communicator Next.

 Phone Type

Select the device protocol SCCP, Next Phone Configuration.

Cisco IP Communicator . Network Device Name . MAC- (Use Network Adapter to generate Device Name), SEP[mac-address] (Use This Device Name). TFTP , .



  • Device Name , SEP[mac-address];
  • Device Pool Default ;
  • Phone Button Template Standard CIPC SCCP;
  • Device Security Profile Cisco IP Communicator;
 Phone Configuration  Phone Configuration

Line [1]Add a new DN, Directory Number .

 Directory Number

Cisco IP Communicator .

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