! Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) , Disaster Recovery System (DRS) . , SFTP , .


  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager database (CCMDB), Cisco Unified Communications Manager/CDR Analysis and Reporting/Call Detail Records);
  • Platform
  • Music On Hold (MOH);
  • BAT Bulk Provisioning Service (BPS);
  • CCM Preference Files (CCMPREFS);
  • TFTP Phone device files (TFTP);
  • SNMP Syslog Component (SYSLOGAGT SNMP);
  • SNMP CDP Subagent (CDPAGT SNMP);
  • Trace Collection Tool (TCT);
  • Cluster Manager (CLM);
  • Cisco Extended Functions (CEF);

, SFTP . Cisco Cygwin, Titan FTP, GlobalSCAPE EFT, . , , SFTP , , .

CUCM. , Disaster Recovery System.

 Disaster Recovery System

BackupBackup Device Add New. Backup device name. Select Destination Network Directory IP SFTP Host name/IP address, User name Password, Path name , ( , \). Save. SFTP , Update Successful.

 Backup Device

BackupManual Backup, Start Backup. BackupScheduler, Add New . , Save. Enable Schedule .


, Restoring a Node or Cluster to a Last Known Good Configuration (No Rebuild) , . Disaster Recovery SystemRestoreRestore Wizard. Backup Device, Next .

 Restore Wizard

, .




. Disaster Recovery SystemRestoreStatus. . RTMT, Call ManagerDatabase SummaryReplication Status, , CUCM Unified Reporting Unified ReportingSystem ReportsUnified CM Database Status, All servers have a good replication status, CLI, utils dbreplication status, No Errors or Mismatches found. Replication status is good on all available servers.

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