! PLAR (Private Line Automatic Ring-down) Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) . PLAR ( Hotdial) , . , , , , .

CSS Partition, Translation Pattern.

partition, Cisco Unified CM Administration Call RoutingClass of ControlPartition Add New. Save.


Call RoutingClass of ControlCalling Search Space Add New, CSS. Name, Available Partitions Partition Selected Partition. , , Save.

 Calling Search Space

Translation Pattern. Call RoutingTranslation Pattern Add New. Partition CSS, Called Party Transformation Mask , . Transformation Pattern .

 Translation Pattern

PLAR. DevicePhone Device Information Calling Search Space CSS.

 Device Information

DN, Line [1] CSS Calling Search Space




SIP Dial Rule. , Call RoutingDial RulesSIP Dial Rules Add New. 7940_7960 Other, . Pattern Description Add Plar. Pattern Information. Dial Parameter Button, Value , PLAR.

 SIP Dial Rule

SIP Device Phone Protocol Specific Information SIP Dial Rules .

 Protocol Specific Information

, Translation Pattern.

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